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How To Find A Nursing Home In South Carolina For A Loved One?

Written May 15, 2022 | Stefan B. Feidler | Resource:

At some point, most of us will need to find a nursing home in South Carolina for a loved one. This process can be overwhelming, confusing, scary, and emotional. However, there are multiple resources out there that can assist you in your search and ultimate decision. This article will touch on those resources, so you and your family have the proper tools to make a confident decision for your loved one.

One of the best resources and starting places is the Medicare website. There you can search for providers by type (i.e. nursing homes) and even narrow it down to a specific geographical location. When you go to the website look for the Providers & Services drop-down menu on the top right.

Then click on the find care providers, where you will then have the option to type in your desired location, provider type, and even keywords. Most families prefer to have their loved one at a location close to family for ease of visitations, so we recommend you start with the name of the city/town and provider type and then click on the search button.

Once you click on the search button the next page will display all nursing homes within 25 miles of the location you chose. You can change the mileage from 5 miles to 200 miles, but 25 miles is usually a good place to start. You will see all the names of the nursing homes within your preferred distance, the address for each, and overall rating based on a 5-star system. By default, the nursing homes are listed in order closest to the location. At this point you can then filter by overall rating, other ratings, number of certified beds, or view all filters.

Once the list of providers populates you can then click on a particular provider to further inquire into the providers ratings and other important details. The ratings include overall rating, as well as health inspections ratings, staffing ratings, and quality measures ratings.

The ratings page is very important, because you can view recent health inspection results, staffing information, and quality measures. For instance, if you hit the View Inspection Results tab you can view recent health inspections, complaint inspections, and infection control inspections. This section also includes actual full reports conducted by the health department. The details page is also very important, because you can view Covid information, fire safety and emergency preparedness information, as well as any recent penalties.

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Though the Medicare website is a good start, there are plenty of resources out there to assist you when you need to find a nursing home in South Carolina for a loved one.

If you believe your loved one was neglected or abused while at a nursing home operating in South Carolina, the Feidler Law Firm can help. South Carolina nursing home attorney Stefan B. Feidler will help you and your family hold all liable parties accountable and get the financial compensation that your loved one deserves. Please contact us today for a free consultation. We are here to protect your loved one and guide you through the complex legal process. Call or message us today.

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